Ant Micro-Outworld / Test Tube Connector


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For sale at: Amazing Ant Abodes

A micro-outworld provides a small foraging area for your ants. Great for starting colonies or for connecting tubes in larger setups. Each micro-outworld is unique, so don’t let the one you like slip away! See photos for examples or view the store for the current stock. 

The connecting tubes are ½” in outer diameter, which fits nicely into a test tube.

Comes with 4 tube connectors to aid in connections. The tube connectors have one end that has a ⅝” internal diameter for connecting securely to test tubes. The other end has a ½” internal diameter for connecting to tubing. The connector can be separated to connect tubes of the same size.

Lid has a 1.5” hole covered with 300 micron nylon mesh for ventilation. Components are secured with hot glue or grout.

Materials: plastic jar, grout, reptile sand, vinyl tube, nylon mesh, rocks, aquarium plants.

Dimensions: 2.25” X 2.25” X 2.5”


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