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Posted 5 months ago by chris miller

All fertile queens from what I can tell and ready for homes

 molesta /  Dublin / 397 views


Posted 5 months ago by ld899651

I've got 2 Camponotus chromaiodes founding colonies for sale, one has 4 workers with more on the way, the other has 1 worker with more...

 chromaiodes /  Columbus Area / 343 views


Posted 6 months ago by Melissa

Hi! I live in the Toledo area and I am looking for a queen for a starter colony in our science class.

 Live Ants /  Columbus Area / 265 views


Posted 8 months ago by Carole Gilligan

Looking to find a queen to start a colony for my son’s Omni Nest. I’m looking anywhere in the Columbus area.  Thanks.

 Live Ants /  Columbus Area / 316 views

Posted 9 months ago by Amie Kanzeg

My son is looking for a new queen ant to start a new colony after kindly donating his current colony to my classroom! We're in...

 fulva /  Columbus Area / 348 views

Posted 10 months ago by Orbyx

For sale at: Amazing Ant Abodes A micro-outworld provides a small foraging area for your ants. Great for starting colonies or for connecting tubes in...

 Supplies /  Columbus Area / 549 views