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Ohio Ants Classifieds and Marketplace

Listing on OhioAnts is an important part of helping our local anting community to grow and can be an easy way to earn additional funds to help in your own Ant Keeping Efforts. Once you are have registered and logged into you can create a new listing by selecting “Ohio Ants Marketplace > Add New Listing

Ohio Ants provides a classified section for ant enthusiasts of Ohio to connect with each other and trade livestock or supplies. Live ants purchased in Ohio must stay in Ohio.

Selling of invasive, non-native species is prohibited on this site.

Posted 3 months ago by ld899651

Hey all, I've got free starter colonies of Tetramorium immigrans for anyone who doesn't currently have them, as long as you are willing to meet...

 Live Ants /  Columbus Area / 94 views

Posted 8 months ago by jax Citriglia

Boyfriend and I are looking to create an ant colony in a 30 gallon tank. In process of creating said tank. Have many of reptiles...

 Live Ants /  Dublin / 240 views