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First Nuptial Flights of 2018 in Ohio

Finally, the day we have all been waiting for… On Thursday, April 12th –  the first really warm day in Ohio has triggered the first flights of the season. I have personally confirmed that the Prenolepis imparis, the “False Honeypot ant”, otherwise known as the “Winter Ant” has begun flying. This ant prefers wooded areas […]

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OA-MINI in the Educational Space

One the often overlooked bonuses to keeping ant’s as pets is the education that happens in the process of learning on how to keep colonies healthy and happy. A large portion of keeping a colony healthy is by studying its habits, including how individuals within the colony interact and do complete responsibilities for the greater good of […]

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Prenolepis imparis Journal

Part of keeping ants is gaining information from others, including trials, errors and failures. This is an account of my collection and tracking of the “False Honeypot Ant” – Prenolepis imparis. Collection I collected 12 females on February 24th, 2017 on a wooded path around Cobb Lake in Bluffton, Ohio. Here is a Google Maps link to […]

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Preventing the spread of Solenopsis invicta

Recently I was personally contacted by a Facebook colleague asking me if I would be interested in obtaining a Solenopsis invicta colony. Knowing this person lives in the north I immediately declined the offer and insisted that as Ant Keepers we are responsible for ensuring that our native habitats stay free of non-native species. Although I currently reside in […]

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Welcome to

Thanks for taking the time to visit This site is dedicated to the hobby of ant-keeping within our Home state of Ohio. Due to the rise of the easily accessible information the internet and popular YouTube channels such as Ants Canada the hobby of AntKeeping has exploded in the past few years. While the concepts […]