The P. imparis are flying in Ohio, First of 2019!

It’s on! The first collection from a queen this year in Ohio was just reported and confirmed in the Dayton area.

A special thanks to “Dork (Dayton)” on discord for posting the first successful collection of the year. If your available take advantage of today’s beautiful weather and get your colony started.

Even if you do not want to keep Prenolepis imparis, this species only will be flying for about the next 1-2 weeks max for this year. While they are easy to collect, now is the only time you will be able to collect them this year.

You also have a chance to earn some extra cash in the process as many new ant-keepers by collecting new queens and posting them in the Ohio Ants Marketplace, it’s easy and FREE!

Lastly, take every opportunity you have to post you successful collection on our newly revamped forum and help keep others in your local area informed of the latest flights.

Happy Anting!

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