First Nuptial Flights of 2018 in Ohio

Finally, the day we have all been waiting for…

On Thursday, April 12th –  the first really warm day in Ohio has triggered the first flights of the season. I have personally confirmed that the Prenolepis imparis, the “False Honeypot ant”, otherwise known as the “Winter Ant” has begun flying.

This ant prefers wooded areas next to a water source, streams and, ponds. This species is a slow growing species and is considerate moderate difficulty to care for.

I expect this species to be flying on and off for the next week in Ohio depending on the weather. This species is known to have extremely short flight windows, so if you intend to collect any queens this weekend might be your only chance.

To get more information on this great native species visit the species page at

Can’t Keep All that You Collect?

The ant keeping hobby is fun for many people, but sometimes the hardest part is collect queens to begin your colony. Others have difficulties finding specific species. If you are able to collect more queens that you can realistically keep, please consider posting your queens in our FREE OhioAnts marketplace. It’s like a Craigslist for ants limited to Ohio residents.

Seriously, you can make some decent cash, and really help spread the hobby in our state.

Enjoy your weekend and be sure to let us know what you collected!

-Keep Anting!


  1. Austin

    Really interested in the hobby! But can’t find much information. Would like to get in contact with you!


  2. Corey Reese

    I just found your website and absolutely love it. This is an amazing job, it is a shame that not many have posted ants up for sale or that there is more activity but all of the features you have on here are phenomenal

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