OA-MINI in the Educational Space

One the often overlooked bonuses to keeping ant’s as pets is the education that happens in the process of learning on how to keep colonies healthy and happy. A large portion of keeping a colony healthy is by studying its habits, including how individuals within the colony interact and do complete responsibilities for the greater good of the colony.

Pre-school children studying Formica fusca in an OA-Mini formicarium.

Recently one of our customers forwarded a photo of our OA-MINI being utilized in a pre-school classroom setting located in Southwest, Ohio. These young students are studying tunneling insects and animals and have been tasked to identify different features of the insects and animals.

The OA-MINI is ideally suited for this as its design caters to a large viewing area and the high contrast white background makes it easy for even the youngest learners to easily identify a view its inhabitants.

If you’re a teacher or educator, OhioAnts would be more than willing to partner with your school and classroom to encourage further growth in the hobby. Contact Us today for more information on how we can partner on creating educational materials and plans for your school including discounted rates for ant keeping supplies through OhioAnts.

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  1. Melissa Woodman

    I am a home school mom and have a son who keeps ants. What resources are you offering? Do you know of any places near Dayton that keep ants to show the public?

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