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Thanks for taking the time to visit OhioAnts.com. This site is dedicated to the hobby of ant-keeping within our Home state of Ohio.

Due to the rise of the easily accessible information the internet and popular YouTube channels such as Ants Canada the hobby of AntKeeping has exploded in the past few years. While the concepts of keeping ants are pretty general, each area of the world has different species and slightly different requirements for collecting and keeping each species.

Prenolepis imparis with first nanitics

Prenolepis imparis collected in Ohio on 2/24/2017

One of the most difficult and time-consuming parts of the hobby is acquiring your first colony. Some people don’t have the time, or the experience to collect their own queens and will look to purchase a colony instead. Many areas and states are well represented in the online community such as California and Florida and have massive markets for collecting and selling ants. However, due to laws in the US, it is illegal to transport colonies across state lines without a long and complex permitting process.

To help further and grow the hobby in Ohio – OhioAnts.com has created a fully featured and free classifieds marketplace for ant-keepers to purchase and sell ant-keeping items and live colonies. Please help support our states environment and local hobbyists by utilizing this great resource!

For those individuals looking at collecting their own queens (My preferred and suggested way of starting the hobby), we have borrowed the Ohio Nuptial Flight Chart compilation from one of our local hobbyists, Mike McBrien. While this is a great place to start we will be coming out with an enhanced, filterable version of this chart with the ability for other users to add first-hand information to keep the chart up to date.

We hope this site will become a resource for all Ohio ant-keepers and look forward to providing more information, tools and cultivating the community to support it.



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