Hypoponera ragusai

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Light to medium brownish-yellow; head very finely punctate,glossy. The broader, subrectangular petiolar scale will distinguish this spe­cies from H. opacior and the small size and glossier sur­face will differentiate it from H. opaciceps.

Recorded from Ohio as Ponera oblongiceps by Wesson & Wesson ( 1940). also know as Hypoponera gleadowi

Smith ( 1939a) recorded a Maryland colony of 47 workers, 3 ergataners, and 15 alate females.

This widespread tramp (introduced) species is found throughout tropical and subtropical areas. This species has not been well recorded in Ohio, only known from Jackson County.


2.3mm - 2.9mm


Found in partial shade


Further data lacking.


Further data lacking.

Nesting Information

A nest was found under a stone on moist but well-drained soil (Wesson & Wesson, 1940).

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