Aphaenogaster lamellidens

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Orangish- to reddish-brown, gaster somewhat paler (yellowish-brown), body darker overall in one variety, mandibles and antennal funiculus paler, legs paler basally and apically, especially coxae which contrast sharply with alitrunk; head with rugose/reticulate sculpture, alitrunk rugose/punctate, both moderately dull to weakly glossy. The accessory scale on the frontal lobe is diagnostic for this species. Once seen, this character is distinctive and much larger and more prominent than the tiny, reduced scale and broader postpetiole ally this species to A. flemingi and A. floridana.

This is a predominantly southern species with a distinct accessory scale on the frontal lobe. It should be actively sought to determine if this is actually an Ohio species.


6.3mm - 6.7mm


Found in deciduous forest in deciduous forest in Illinois (DuBois & LaBerge, 1988) In moist, shaded woods in Tennessee (Cole, 1940b).


Feeds on live and dead insects (D.R. Smith, 1979).

Nesting Information

Typically nests in stumps and logs with a few of the passages running into the soil (Creighton, 1950).

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