Aphaenogaster mariae

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Medium to dark reddish-brown, base of gaster paler, mandibles, antennae apically, coxae, and tarsi slightly to distinctly paler; head and alitrunk with moderately coarse rugose/reticulate sculpture, surface moderately glossy between ridges. The very distinctive striae which radiate from the base of the gaster are diagnostic for this species. Additionally, the characters presented in the key and the coarse sculpturing make this species quite distinct.

A very striking and distinctive species under the microscope, this ant appears to be strictly arboreal.


5mm - 6mm


Found in moist woods' edges.


Workers were found foraging on tree trunks in woods.

Nesting Information

In rotten "stob" in white oak (GAC 1734) and boxelder (GAC 1919). Strays were taken on sycamore and red oak trunks. "A member of the tree crown fauna, this species was taken frequently in oak trees, often high above the ground. It nests in small stobs or in rotten cavities under the bark." (Wesson & Wesson, 1940).

Verified Locales (counties)

Athens, Brown, Clermont, Gallia, Hocking, Jackson, Meigs,

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